Jan. 14th, 2014

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Watching the first Matt Smith Dr Who episode with Johanna, it dawned on me what is so familiar to me about The Doctor (Eccleston, Tennant, Smith, I’ve never seen the old ones) when he’s pissed off and telling some alien world-eater to sod off and leave Earth alone. The Doctor has no direct power in the situation, the aliens could squash him with impunity, but he uses his reputation, knowledge, wit, and sheer ballsiness to bluff and send them running. That is totally John Constantine! The brilliant Hellblazer comic John Constantine, not the lameass Keanu Reeves movie version. God I miss Garth Ennis writing that book. To be clear, there are many differences between the characters, The Doctor is definitely Lawful Good, while on his best days (of which there are not many) John Constantine just might be Neutral Good. His actual Good-aligned associates might disavow that. His friends would stick up for him, though. If any of them were still alive.

Speaking of ballsiness, ever think that since The Doctor has two hearts, what other body parts does he have multiples of? I maintain that The Doctor has two penises, five balls, and three anuses.


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