Mar. 5th, 2014

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Finally got around to seeing Frozen. I’d heard this is supposed to be the best Disney movie in a long time; I haven’t been impressed with a Disney film since Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, and Aladdin, what for me is the pinnacle of Disney animation. I’m not talking Pixar, they’re a different pantheon. Everything since then – from Hercules to Mulan to Emporer’s New Groove to Tangled – is entertaining for sure, but not even approaching the old greatness. Frozen comes closer. It’s interesting how they’ve updated some of the classic concepts, and the characters are decently scripted, but there’s no really dynamic villain (which is usually the most interesting character in the story). There is one thing this movie knocks out of the park: that song. Let It Go. The song is a fucking monster. I got chills halfway through the first verse, it is goddamn amazing. It’s more than just catchy, it is thematically and structurally one of the strongest songs I’ve ever heard from Disney. This thing is going to live forever, up there with Under The Sea, Be Our Guest, and A Whole New World. One drawback: it is difficult to sing. Like, a bit harder than the Star Spangled Banner. I just might be able to swing it, but I have to be paying real close attention.


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