Apr. 22nd, 2014

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The midnight Marathon Ride was huge fun and really inspiring, in the way that being among hundreds of like-minded people committed to a single event always is. A river of blinking lights streaming ahead into the darkness, laughing and shouting and pedaling for that finish, miles into the night. It was really amazing.

And then some guy crashed into me. I was stopped at a red light in Natick Center with 8 other riders, there was an oncoming ambulance turning left, no siren but lights flashing. All of a sudden I’m shoved forward a few feet, I looked back and this older dude is on the ground, he’s kitted up in all this professional-looking cycling tight gear, his limbs tangled up in a $4000 Cervelo frame. My voice is saying to him “Woah are you ok?” but my brain is going “DUDE WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?” He gets up, asks if I’m ok, I say ok, and everyone goes on with the ride. A hundred feet down the road my bike feels funny I look down and the back tire is wobbling like crazy. I pull over and spin the wheel and it’s bent comically out of true. I call Cris and Lily and they ride back to me, Cris works on the spokes a bit, Phat Mike rolls up and works on it a bit more, they get it to a point that it rides not badly, but I bet it looked pretty funny. I finish the ride, and it was an awesome experience overall, but I would have preferred not to get rammed from behind. That’s what she said.


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