May. 15th, 2014


May. 15th, 2014 01:11 pm
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I’ve had a subscription to Playboy magazine for like 15 years, I originally did it as a lark, one of those $14.99-subscription postcards came in the mail one day. I’ve kept getting it because Playboy is a great magazine. Yes it’s all about the writing, why else would you look at Playboy? There’s nothing particularly special about pictures of naked pretty girls, and if you want actual pornography, Playboy sure ain’t it. Man, if you think Playboy is porn, you are living a sad, sad, life. Anyhow, the writing in Playboy is honest, straightforward, funny, and just…cool. One of my favorites is when a guy wrote in asking about how to make his dick bigger, and their advice was: “#1: Lose the beer gut - For every 30lbs overweight a man is, he loses a quarter inch of penis length. #2: Trim the hedges – Not only is it more pleasant for your girlfriend to spend time down there, a well-maintained area also gives the impression of more length. That’s why porn stars do it. #3: We really do NOT recommend it, but if you have tried everything else and you absolutely are convinced a surgical option is the only hope left, there are a few operations you can look into. They all have potential drawbacks, so do your research first. Good luck.” That is the classic Playboy attitude, addressing a sensitive subject with candor, reason, and humor so everyone feels more comfortable.

As cool as Playboy is, this month they really impressed me with a page-long essay titled Evolution, it’s about transgender people, how the third gender has always existed, and how the our ideas about gender is being re-thought with greater fluidity and acceptance. It’s not an evolution of humans, it’s an evolution in the way we perceive identity in ourselves and others. The facing page is a beautiful shot of a stunning trans woman named Ines, they tell a bit of her story, how she’s always known what she really is, had gender reassignment surgery as a young teen, she’s been happy and healthy her whole life. It’s a wonderful, sensible counterpoint to the sensationalized media view of trans women that hints of drug abuse, prostitution, or something else “wrong”. They end the piece with “Just look at this beautiful woman.” Playboy, you are awesome. Here’s to many more years of being the clearest voice of reason in the room.


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