May. 20th, 2014

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I’ve said before how much I love John Green and his new book The Fault In Our Stars. It’s the only book where I finished the last sentence in tears and turned right back to the first page because I could NOT let the characters go. It hadn’t occurred to me just how many other people this book is affecting the same way. There are, like, no bad reviews of it; the’ve have used up the normal supply of power words like “poignant”, “heart-rending”, “romantic”, “elegant”, “touching”, “raw”, “breathtaking”, they’re going to have to resort to non-standard verbage like “ggblarrgh”. I read this blog from a woman who went along on the promo tour for the movie (coming June 6!!) and thousands of crazy fans turn out in Nashville, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami. During the preview showing of the film, the crowd goes absolutely bonkers with screaming, crying, full-on breakdowns. I love how the book is so powerfully received and it’s not lame-ass vampires or dystopian future bullshit, it’s just two sick kids falling in love.


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