Jun. 10th, 2014

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A Message To Gun-Rights People:
Stop trying to say that you want guns to protect yourself and your home. There are anecdotal incidents of gun owners defending themselves from trespassers and assailants, but just as many stories of things going really badly, by accident or passion, when people have guns. Both statistically and anecdotally, it’s a wash as to whether guns are good or bad for safety, so that argument doesn’t benefit anyone. And if you were seriously concerned about you and your family’s safety, you would check the batteries in your smoke detector every six months, and always drive the legal speed limit. Do you? Of course not. Nobody does. So stop with the “safety” thing, it comes off as disingenuous. There is one inarguable, indisputable reason why you love guns: BECAUSE GUNS ARE AWESOME. That’s why I love them. No need to justify it with home-protection or resist–the-gubmint bullshit, just remind people that guns are awesome, end of story. Me and about half the country will agree with you.

A Message To Gun-Control People:
Realize that a huge number of your fellow Americans think guns are awesome. You want strict gun-control laws? Laws need to be passed by voters, and plenty of voters who think guns are awesome will sink your legislative efforts, every time. If you want to change the laws, you need to change people’s minds, to convince them that guns are not awesome. I wish you luck with that, seriously. Maybe it’s a marketing thing, maybe there’s some rhetorical judo you can play, use people’s love of guns as a reason for retooled and robust gun legislation. I have no idea how you’d do that, but that’s what it would take. You know what really hurts your cause, is to sound like you know better than the gun-rights people, or that it’s somehow weird or scary to love guns. Then you just sound like a sanctimonious douchebag.

A Message To Me:
Why do you love guns so much? I dunno, I grew up with Arnold Schwarzenegger movies like every other red-blooded American boy, so there’s that. But I’m a little geekier about guns than the average person, the average person doesn’t know the difference between 5.56 or 7.62, closed or open bolt, standard or bullpup. Guns are the fascinating intersection of engineering, design, sociology, psychology, and politics. They’re just cool as hell.


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