Sep. 19th, 2014

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After a summer listening to the new 101.7FM country music station, I’ve learned a few things:

1) All automobiles are trucks, and most trucks are Chevys, probably because “Chevy” has more lyrical bounce than “Ford”.

2) In almost every song there is drinking, and a decent number of references to smoking pot. The marijuana references are quite coy and never mention it by name, as opposed to hip-hop songs.

3) Speaking of coy, the sexiness in country songs is pretty G-rated. The most detail you’re likely to get is talk about a goodnight kiss in the driveway, and while the singer may say “Girl you look so good” it will never be “I wanna hit that all night long”. There’s a cute aw-shucksiness to it that I really like.

4) The girl is almost always the more active character in a country song; it’s she who approaches the guy, who is otherwise hesitant to go up to such beautiful and confident woman on the honkytonk dance floor/late night party in a field under the full moon/afternoon summertime party at the riverbank. There is almost none of the machismo or overt misogyny you often find in pop, rap, and rock music, the country guy is completely enchanted and trying to keep up with this awesome girl. My favorite example of this is Joe Nichols “Yeah”, first time I heard it the song charmed my goddamn boots off .

5) Outside the homogeneity you’d expect from any pop station, there is a decent diversity of styles and sub-genres. This one song, I think it’s called “Outsiders” comes on with this huge Bon Jovi rock anthem sound, and then the last minute and a half is an extended guitar solo that goes through all these tempo changes , it’s totally Prog-Country. And this Miranda Lambert song “Mama’s Broken Heart” has this awesome syncopated carnival backbeat right out of Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band’s playbook, it is so much bouncy fun.

Country music’s been perfect for the summer, it’s totally made for windows-down cruising in the summer sunshine. I won’t be listening nearly as much when the temperature drops below 60 degrees, feels kinda wrong.


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