Feb. 24th, 2015

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Thing I definitely wanted to do on this Vegas trip was see Zumanity and Ka. Zumanity is the sexy one with boobies, I was afraid might be a little cheesy; they have to sell Cirque to the widest audience so I wasn’t expecting anything too extreme or inventive. But it’s actually a really cool, high-quality show. The drag queen emcee is a riot, the comedy routines are well done, the performances are stylish and beautiful. The stunts aren’t extreme, they’re going for beauty, grace, and sensuality over thrills. And when the performers are mostly naked, you can see in lavish detail every cut and muscle and line, it’s entrancing. Get seats close to the stage as possible. Totally worth it.

Ka was freakin incredible. I’ve almost every Cirque show and I have never seen staging and technical effects as huge as this. The Ka aesthetic is Oriental Steampunk, and the entire 50-foot stage lifts from horizontal to vertical, tilts and spins, extrudes pylons that the performers swing from and bounce down like pachinko balls, all coordinated with hi-def video projections, it’s overwhelming. And there’s this huge boat that comes out of the stage, rocks and spins like crazy, and then two huge counter-rotating windmill things come out and it’s all gonzo awesome. Go see it. Get seats that are 5th or 6th row, we were 3rd row and kinda lost some things on the periphery. Ka doesn’t have the most extreme stunts of all the Cirques, and the music isn’t my favorite , but the staging and costumes and props are far and away the most amazing of any show I’ve ever seen. You must see it! Go!!


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