Apr. 27th, 2015

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My favorite local band HUMANWINE was playing on Friday with two other bands I don’t know, I love it when this happens, I don’t get exposed to new music often as I’d like. I come down the stairs to the Middle East, the first band is going on and OMG it’s a punk show. I haven’t been to a punk show in decades. The lead singer is setting up the next song THIS SONG IS ABOUT AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE BECAUSE WE ALL DESERVE HEALTH CARE THAT’S NOT TIED TO THE CORPORATE OVERLORDS ONE TWO THREE FOUR AARRAORROUGHAAARAAHHAOUURRGHHH. This shit is awesome. They’re called Disaster Strikes, they are the most social justice band I’ve ever heard, besides the affordable healthcare song they got a collective bargaining rights song, a marriage equality song, an anti-torture song, and an anti-corporation song. Only thing they were missing was an anti-NSA spying song. Punk is alive and well.

HUMANWINE was, of course, fantastic, ‘nuff said.

The headliner was World Inferno Friendship Society, I’d never heard of them before MY FRIENDS WHY HAVE YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS BAND?!? They are so awesome. I’m not sure what to call them…swingpunk-cabaret-surfabilly? There’s eight people on stage, the lead singer is a nattily dressed devil taking swigs from a wine bottle, and the bass player, she’s this tiny thing with severe cheekbones, blond dreads in a topknot, and an inconceivably high forehead, she looks like she dropped out of Bene Gesserit Witch School to join a punk band. I think I’m in love. Anyway, Masha sez “You wanna go into the mosh pit?” and how can you say no. I tend to dislike anecdotes about feeling old, but damn. You want to feel some years on you? Be 45 years old and go into a mosh pit.


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