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I made an offer on a house in Teele Square about half mile north of Davis, it was accepted; the home inspection went well, the place is in good shape. It’s not the home I originally pictured, I thought I wanted a contemporary look: high ceilings, bright clean lines, recessed lighting, the standard Temple Of Yuppie. This place is more classic Boston architecture, like Tony's or Chris & Sara's place. Dark wood molding and a built-in hutch thing. Not what I imagined living in, but I’m becoming more and more enamored of a home with a personality. I rather like it a lot. It’s got a freakin’ fireplace. When buying a home there are progressive levels of reality, now that the Inspection has not turned up an Indian burial ground in the backyard, the next stage is the Purchase & Sale Agreement, and the Closing is when it actually happens. I might have a new home! A radically different space than the last 13 years. This is very exciting.
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