Sep. 8th, 2014 09:50 am
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This humor article came around a while ago, I didn’t like it. It’s mean-spirited and grouchy. It’s making fun of a New York Times article about how it took this family a long time to find the house they wanted to buy (apparent to anyone who’s thought about real estate in Boston, NYC, or SF). But the critique article is trying way too hard to be all “Oh its SOOOO TERRIBLE that you have to take 9 months to spend $4 million on a house, life is SO ROUGH FOR YOU”. Dude, chill out. It’s all a matter of context. If you’re scornful of a wealthy family buying an expensive house when others are less advantaged, that’s the exact same thing as you complaining about your commute on Facebook, when millions of people have no cars, no roads, no jobs, no water, no electricity. However much resources you have in your current situation, your cares and your woes are your own, and you should feel free to talk about what’s going on in your life with other people who care. That’s what I mean about context – the article about the family buying the $4 million house is meant to be read by other members of that general economic class, people who are way poorer or way richer probably won’t relate. And that’s ok, if you’re not the target audience, then don’t waste your time reading the article. What I write here is meant for everyone I know, and we share the same general social-economic reality (a broad class bordered by the parameters: A) Everyone here has enough resources to fly in a jet airplane once in a while, but B) No one here has enough resources to own a jet airplane). A starving person trying to survive in a war zone probably doesn’t care to hear about me buying a house, or going on vacation, but don’t make fun of me for living my life and writing about it, because that’s just not very nice.
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