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I like how everyone dresses up in Las Vegas, we’re all here to party, we’re outside our comfortable everyday home environments, so we try to look extra nice. You’ll aways see girls walking unsteadily in unfamiliar high heels. We all know we’re here to party, we’re all living in this shared hallucination in this manufactured landscape. Things are monolithically huge, the signs and screens and props and architecture of the Strip, there’s a subliminal unreality to it all, I think it contributes to the ease at which we drink more, play more, party more than we otherwise do at home. God bless you, Las Vegas, you are wonderful.

The promoter for this club Life in the SLS hotel guestlists us, and he feeds us drinks tickets all night. It’s a huge thumping booming laser-filled space, it’s cool. I think one thing Vegas clubs do that not a lot of the clubs I go to in Boston do, is the whole Table thing. Like, pay $2000 and you and your friends get this private table behind velvet rope, includes a bottle of Belvedere and mixers and hot chick bartender to make you personal drinks all night. I have a hard time dealing with any kind of elitism, it makes a really unpleasant vibe, that kind of bullshit just sets me on edge. Separating people in tiers of importance or money just seems so asinine. This is a club, we’re all equals here, let’s all have a good time together, right? And what’s really bizarre is when they walk people to their table they make this big production out of it, they have showgirls holding the vodka bottles over her heads, LED lights in their hands that light up the bottles, it’s this little parade of look-at-me look-at-my-specialness look-at-my-money. If I had a table I’d be fucking _mortified_ to go through that. I dunno why, but I’ve always felt that trying to call attention to how special you are and how much money you’re spending, that is utterly appalling. We’re all on this planet for a short time, and the point of social groups and clubs is to find people you love and enjoy those connections; we’re all the same, we’re all in this _together_ dammit. I get the impression that there are some customs in some Vegas scenes (LA, Miami, NY, wherever) that are not aimed at people like me. Look, there are lots of reasons to celebrate a person, but how much money they have is NEVER one of those reasons.

But the music is good, they put a lot of effort into the sound and lights, and the promoters are super friendly. We walked past this guy on the strip and he put us on the guest list for Steve Aoki, I was super excited but by the time we finished walking all over the strip and had dinner and been drinking since breakfast, we were not as much capable of diving into a big production. The promoter kept texting me saying where are you in line, I’ll get you thought to the front, it’s cool. But we bailed. And then Johanna’s promoter friend back at the SLS got us into the Borgore show, and more drink tickets. Cool stuff happens in Vegas. He’d also been trying to get us to meet him at this 11am party at some other joint, but that was just not happening after the epic drinking of the day and night before. Waking up in your hotel bed in Las Vegas is a time to reflect on some possibly poor decisions recently made. But if you can make it to breakfast, a Bloody Mary, some OJ, and coffee will silence those pesky angels of out better natures.


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