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I loved the WWII In HD series, so when The Vietnam War In HD came on Netflix I was pretty excited. But my giddy war-nerd self was quickly deflated by the reminder that the Vietnam may be the most _asinine_ war America has fought in modern times. That includes George W Bush’s Iraq War Fiasco, which is saying something. So, there was a civil war going on in Vietnam in the 1950s, why did we get involved? There was no reason for us to be there at all, our main strategic interest in the region was to keep China bottled up, and we had Japan for that. Vietnam had nothing we wanted. Vietnam In HD has some great footage and gripping recounts of battle, Khe Sanh was AMAZING. But it was for nothing, the whole war, from start to finish. It’s really depressing to think of all the money spent, all the people killed, napalmed, got their arms and legs blown off, and it was all for nothing. Kinda like Bush’s Iraq War. Although Iraq was for worse than nothing; Vietnam didn’t have huge consequences on the wider region, and the region isn’t particularly important on the geopolitical scale; we actually made the world a worse place by invading Iraq, and that fuckup is still fucking things up today. Gah.

It seems a pretty important requirement for a war that every soldier, every citizen, be able to talk at length, in an informed fashion, on What The Hell Are We Doing Here. What are our strategic goals, how is this war supposed to further those goals, what is the likelihood of success (and what defines “success”), at what cost? Anyone who pulls out bullshit labels like COMMUNISM or TERRORISM or FREEDOM gets a bitchslap, and sent back to remedial history/geography/international relations class.
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