Jul. 29th, 2014


Jul. 29th, 2014 02:21 pm
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The ancestral Bunn Camp at Ossipee Lake in New Hampshire is in a groovy gated community of homes, most of which were once mobile-homes and trailers, now permanently fixed to the land, built and expanded upon by succeeding generations until their humble origins can barely be discerned. I envision it as I do colonies of spacefaring explorers and settlers, reaching out to the limitless tracts of the cosmos, making planetfall on some strange and wondrous world. They set their colony-ships down in the alien soil and remove the engines and hyperdrive cores, building new structures onto the outer hulls, setting spars and cables deep into the bedrock to support the newly formed edifices, arcologies of hope supporting the dreams of a people looking for a life among the stars. Yeah it’s just like that. But with more Bud Lite.

And then there is the The Sandbar. Half a mile up an inlet to Ossipee Lake is a sandbar a hundred feet long by fifty wide, barely two feet below the surface of the warm, lazy creek, scores of people anchor their boats and jetskis along the stretch and hang out in the thigh-deep river. There’s a volleyball net set up in the water, beer-pong tables, frisbee games, dogs paddle and jump in the water, music is always playing – country, pop, and hip-hop bump along in a feelgood mashedup groove that flows easy as the current. It’s a happy sun-drenched tribe of bros with tribal tattoos, babes in fluorescent bikinis, kids and parents and older folks with weathered tans coming to the lake for decades, probably on their Harleys with some truly astounding airbrush paint jobs. And everyone, I mean everyone, is holding a beercan in a foam coozie. This is New Hampshire. I love this place SO MUCH. Every summer I’m pestering Johanna when can we go to Sandbar huh Sandbar I want to go to the Sandbarrrrr!! I don’t know why this magical place speaks to my soul as powerfully as it does. But it does, it’s my Backwoods New Hampshire Lake Trailer Camp Home.


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