mishak: (gotplur)
2014-08-08 11:06 am

The new place.

So I bought a new place, I move in a week. The new place is so different, it’s got dark wood molding and classic stuff all over, a couple of those built-in hutches for serving ware or whatnot, a high picture rail in the dining room for photos or plates or whatever, this place is Traditional New England looking, and it’s totally not me. Which is why I’m excited to paint it some exciting colors, knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to open up the space; I want it to look modern, while still acknowledging the bones of its classic craftsmanship. I realized that if I were to construct my house from a blank sheet, my home would have everything I want – open floor plan, high ceilings, all the thoughtfully designed modern conveniences...and it would look like every other bland yuppie palace out there. I’m going to be living in an illustration of one of my favorite life lessons, something I learned at a young age and have been enthusiastically practicing ever since, in jobs, friendships, relationships, and every other adventure in my life. The truth is this: getting everything that you want isn’t going to make you happy, or be the best thing for you. What matters is what you do with the options and the possibilities you find yourself in.

Oh crap I’m turning into one of those bullshit inspirational Facebook affirmations. Ima go do yoga on a mountaintop now.