Apr. 29th, 2014

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I judge people all the time, but I can only judge people for the right reasons. I will judge you depending on how you treat waitstaff, how you treat friends and romantic partners. I will judge you if you try to deny climate change or evolution. I will judge the hell out of you if you think gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married.

I notice news stories coming up with an implication that women will date a guy for money. This bugs the hell out of me, because I think it’s complete bullshit – the ONLY thing that matters is who the person is, that unique chemistry you share with the person, the dynamic between the two of you that creates this living breathing thing that I can only describe as magic, as souls, as love - the reason we’re here on this planet. Is it possible that how much money a person has might be part of who they are, like age, race, where they grew up? Possibly, but that is all dim noise that is immediately washed away the moment you start talking to a person, who they are is the only thing that exists. Think of our friends, the women we know: can you picture any of them saying “I really like this guy, but he doesn’t have any money so I won’t go out with him. This other guy I don’t like so much but he’s rich so I’ll date him.” If I heard that I would be completely aghast, girl what the fuck is your problem.

But then I realize that I only judge people in my own social, economic, and cultural level. If a woman in some tribe in Tanzania says she wants to marry a man with enough resources to provide for her and her future children, I’m can’t judge her; our worlds are so out of context, I can only respectfully observe the diversity of human culture and civilization. It’s funny that way. When we say we’re not judgmental, that only means we judge people on what we think they deserve to be judged on, no more and no less.


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